Ryan Seeks Speaker’s Job On His Terms


Washington Special to News Talk Florida – Congressman Paul Ryan went home to Wisconsin for the Columbus Day recess with a large number of fellow Republicans wanting him to be the next Speaker of the House. The group was led by the outgoing Speak John Boehner (R-Ohio) who wants to leave at the end of the month which seems unlikely at this time.

The GOP will spend several hours over the next three days behind closed doors, trying to settle on a strategy to avoid a debt default and chart a path for their party. At 7 p.m. tonight, House Republicans will meet to discuss their agenda for the rest of the month.

Then Wednesday morning, the party will have its weekly closed meeting, and on Wednesday afternoon, Republican lawmakers will discuss proposed changes to their internal rules.

Multiple sources say that Ryan, who is very wary of taking the role of Speaker, would do so but only if it is on his terms. Those terms are no strings attached and if he can win near unanimous support from the 247 member GOP conference.

Otherwise he is happy to remain Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee where he enjoys his work. While, the demands are not seen as a hurdle by many on the GOP side they could be a real non starter with the far right part of the Caucus.

Freedom Caucus have not ruled out Ryan as a Speaker but their members want the House to return to “regular order,” in which more bills move through committees and receive votes on the floor. They want to give rank and file members more say in who gets committee gavels and slots. They want guarantees the next Speaker won’t retaliate against fellow Republicans.

Adam Brandon, CEO of the Tea Party aligned FreedomWorks spoke with The Hill Monday and said “Ryan could win backing from many in the Freedom Caucus if he vowed to implement some of their rule reforms.” But if he comes out and says, ‘We’re all going in lockstep. I’m not making any special accommodation or any special promises,’ well, that could set up a showdown,” Brandon said in an interview in his office overlooking the Capitol Dome.

“There is going to be some tough arm wrestling this week.”

If the Republicans can’t come to an agreement on Ryan they may be able to find another candidate but the more likely way the will go is to ask Speak Boehner  to stay on at least until another replacement could be found.

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