GOP Consultant Loses Control on Twitter

The GOP Establishment meltdown officially advanced to nasty when Rick Wilson, a GOP consultant who often appears on CNN as an analyst, rudely questioned Ann Coulter’s recent support for Donald Trump via Twitter.

Coulter, a political commentator and author, strongly planted herself in Donald Trump’s camp these past few weeks prompting Wilson to elude that she might be on Trump’s payroll.

Wilson Tweet to Coulter contacted Coulter who said: “(Wilson’s) only remaining move is to use the Anthony Weiner ‘MY TWITTER ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED!’ defense.”

Wilson recently called the 23% of GOP voters supporting Trump “low information voters”.

What Wilson and other of his ilk fail to see — and it’s why the GOP Establishment is so utterly clueless — is the GOP base are informed and are outraged by what the GOP has done with their trust since winning the House in 2010 and both houses in 2012.’s John Nolte summed it up best: The GOP voting base has been repeatedly betrayed, is furious, and has every right to be. The incompetent Establishment is either losing national elections, getting rolled by Democrats, simpering to the media, or serially-stabbing their own voters in the back — and doing so on nothing less than illegal immigration, an issue the base correctly sees as an existential one that will determine the future of our Party and our country.

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