Preview: Indiana Primary

Indiana voters who haven’t already cast their ballots will have one more chance to do so. Polls of Indiana Republicans over the weekend suggested that Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz in the race for the GOP presidential nod. But the senator from Texas isn’t buying it saying the race is effectively tied here in the state of Indiana.

It is neck-and-neck. And it depends on turnout. Although more than 157-thousand of this state’s voters already have cast their ballots – a record for early voting among Hoosiers. Trump says a win tomorrow and it’s all over for the other GOP candidates.

Hillary Clinton spent the campaigning in West Virginia Monday looking toward the general election. While she holds a lead, the democratic race is tight in Indiana. Sanders is trailing by a considerable margin in the delegate count … but says he’s going to take the race all the way to the convention … and he’s doing behind the scenes work to try to make that happen.

ABC’s Jim Ryan is in Indianapolis.