Mr. Trump’s Latest Rants

All alone and fighting back.

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I have some friends who were recently unhinged by Mr. Trump’s latest rants about Sen. Cruz and Gov. Bush, particularly his brother’s involvement in 9-11. Mr. Trump may have said things forcefully, but I didn’t hear any falsehoods, did you?

There are evidently forces at work behind the scenes causing Mr. Trump to fight back, be it Sen. Cruz’s campaign comments and tactics, which Mr. Trump labels as lies, or Gov. Bush’s attacks, such as his series of highly negative ads. If we have learned anything about Mr. Trump is that he is a counter puncher who pushes back only when attacked.

This is perhaps the most vicious campaign we have ever witnessed, and many people are not used to it. Frankly, this campaign is historic.

Let’s also remember Mr. Trump is basically on his own in this election. He doesn’t get any support from the Washington establishment, the Republican establishment, and least of all the liberal media. Everyone wants his head on a plate and out of the race. What irritates them most of all is that he refuses to dance to their tune. His only defenders are the voters who are tired of being taken for granted, the gridlock in Washington, the sensational press, and watching America be flushed down the toilet. True, Mr. Trump’s tactics are unconventional, but he has no time for political correctness.

Aside from a brokered GOP convention, which would be dirty pool, I do not see how the Republicans can stop him from winning the nomination, he has simply too much momentum. And it’s driving the RNC absolutely bonkers.

Keep the Faith!