Is Bill Really Chelsea Clinton’s Dad?

Webb Hubbell: ‘No comment’ on fathering Chelsea Clinton


Webb Hubbell (left) and Chelsea Clinton (right)
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NEW YORK — Is Chelsea Clinton not the daughter of Bill Clinton?

That’s been a rumor swirling in the dark underworld of Clinton family speculation for years.

But a new book by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” takes the story to a new level – naming the actual biological father as Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Little Rock Rose Law Firm and, later, associate attorney general of the U.S. in the Clinton administration.

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The accusation garnered more attention last weekend when a video surfaced in which Morrow confronts Chelsea Clinton about the story at an Austin, Texas, book-signing event at which she was promoting her children’s book, “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired, Get Going.”

“Hey, Chelsea,” Morrow asked as he approached Chelsea signing books. “Has your mother ever told you you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton?”

“I’m so proud to be my parents’ daughter,” Chelsea answered, without specifying the identity of the parents of whom she was proud to be the daughter.

Meanwhile, WND caught up with Hubbell by telephone Wednesday to ask him about the accusations in the Stone-Morrow book.

“I have not read Roger Stone’s book, and I don’t plan to. Thank you very much,” said Hubbell abruptly.

When asked specifically about the accusation that he was Chelsea Clinton’s biological father, Hubbell responded: “No comment.”

In a recent post on the blog Before It’s News, Morrow recounted a 2007 conversation with Time reporter Karen Tumulty.

“Well, you do know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton,” he said.

“Tumulty’s response was interesting – she did not deny or challenge this blockbuster assertion but rather just seemed to confirm it by her awkward silence and accepting non-denial,” Morrow wrote.

In the blog post, Morrow also reported he subsequently asked an unnamed “longtime high-level Republican operative” a similar question: “How long have you known that Chelsea was the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell?”

“He said since 1992,” Morrow continued.

“Then I asked, ‘Why didn’t you use it in the 1992 presidential campaign?’ His answer: ‘Because I was not running the 1992 campaign.'”

Morrow then asked, “Would you say that most high level Republican and Democratic political operatives know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell?”

The longtime GOP replied, “Yes”


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