Why Public Hates GOP: Hypocrisy


Bill Kristol, one of the leading voices of “conservatism” went over the top today on Twitter when he publicly admitted he’d support a third party candidate if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination.

Let’s go back to the first GOP debate on Fox News and the opening question: “Would you pledge not to run as a third-party candidate and to support the nominee?” Donald Trump immediately raised his hand and said he could not commit to squandering political leverage at that time.

The GOP then got all hot, bothered and smarmy about getting Trump to their fealty pledge. So they went about saying if candidates didn’t sign the pledge, they would not qualify for ballots in every state.

So Trump, with great fanfare, signed the pledge…after he’d assumed a massive lead in the primary polls. With a need for leverage gone, the deal-making Donald knew when to appease.


The above Tweet kindly forwarded a story we published on Sept. 3, 2015 with the headline: “Trump Pledge will Backfire on GOP”.

One paragraph from the analysis stated:
And finally, the GOP Establishment is about as trustworthy as those same Iranian mullahs. It’s comprised of a group of corrupt politicians who have ZERO principles. Does anyone think for a second the GOP will live up to its end of the bargain if the donor-driven, pre-selected candidates of choice are not successful? The donors hammered Priebus to remove Trump from the Fox News Debates, what are they going to do if he becomes the candidate?

“I doubt I’d support Donald. I doubt I’d support the Democrat,” Kristol told CNNMoney via email. “I think I’d support getting someone good on the ballot as a third party candidate.”

In fact, Kristol went ahead and named people he’d actually support. Dick Cheney, who is perhaps the only person less-popular than President George W. Bush and Tom Cotton, who, based on his principles, probably would turn down the opportunity.

And there you have it. The GOP Estalishment is starting to map out its future where Jeb Bush doesn’t win. And their argument of Trump running a third party would all but hand the election to the Democrat — the presumed Hillary Clinton — is now flipped on its head.

More from our prescient piece:
Will the GOP Establishment pledge to stop attacking The Donald?

Will the GOP Establishment pledge not to run negative advertising?

Will the GOP Establishment put all their might behind The Donald if he gains the nomination?

Will the GOP now unleash every single weapon they own to defeat The Donald, elevate Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich? The answer to this question is unequivocally “yes” and it also confirms that the GOP believe they have a plan to eliminate him. The GOP Establishment will head into Labor Day feeling a little giddy because they now believe they can stop The Donald AND an independent candidacy.

So now we know. The GOP Establishment will continue on all fronts: continue to attack the Donald in an attempt destroy him, but if that should fail, if he proves invincible, trial alternate candidates and scenarios.

For the GOP Establishment, Trump’s candidacy means the corruption jig is up. Can’t get what you want? Can’t keep up the corruption? Better to serve as a minority in the Clinton administration than have some publicly-backed maverick break up the Ponzi Scheme, right? Forget about what’s good for the country, right?


Tone deaf.


And EXACTLY why the GOP has completely lost the American public.

Allison Leslie is a University of South Florida graduate with a bachelors degree in Mass Communications. She joined Genesis in 2016. With a passion for sports, Allison has interned with 620 WDAE, Pewter Report, Trifecta Team: St. Petersburg Bowl, Bullscast, and many other publications. Being a native to the Bay Area, she has followed and supported Tampa Bay teams her whole life.