Hillary Clinton To Testify To Congress On Benghazi…Again

Senate Republicans labored Monday to salvage bipartisan legislation granting lawmakers the right to review or even reject any agreement the Obama administration makes to ease sanctions over Iran in exchange for concessions on nuclear research and development.

Officials said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., hoped to avoid staging a showdown vote to limit debate on the measure, a move that could split his own party’s rank and file. Democrats urged him to go ahead anyway, as a way to avoid votes on proposed changes they opposed.

On another front, Hillary Clinton’s high-powered attorney David Kendall says his client will return to Capitol Hill for one day only of further testimony on Benghazi. That will happen sometime within the next six weeks. And late tonight, ABC News has learned President Obama will nominate General Joseph Dunford, currently the US Marine Corps Commandant, to serve as his next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A formal announcement to come tomorrow.

ABC’s Mary Bruce joined us to discuss.

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