GOP Establishment Preps Ads For Trump

And so it begins: Political attack ad season officially gets underway this month. As we turn the corner from Labor Day, the 17 GOP presidential candidates as well as Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton, will sharpen their political focus via political advertising.

At the end of the day, political advertising is the No. 1 reason candidates require huge war chests of cash and the help of Super PACs or “political action groups”.

GOP candidate Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and party frontrunner, responded to Donald Trump’s “Act of Love” Instagram post with a barrage of advertising aimed at revealing the “Real Donald Trump”. The ads focused on Trump’s past connections and comments linking him to Democrat, liberal or non-Conservative donations, comments and points of view.

This is no "act of love" as Jeb Bush said…

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Simply put: It’s Game On!

The GOP Establishment will now train all its financial might on attack ads aimed at tarnishing the policy discussion Trump has driven since the day he announced his candidacy. Trump, current frontrunner in most polls, effectively uses his non-Establishment, outsider credentials as a means to connect with a voter base furious over the GOP’s post-2014 election sellout.

“The hottest conversation that’s going on right now in the donor community among the anti-Trump donors, is how do you take down Donald Trump, and what’s the vehicle to do it,” CNN’s Maeve Reston said on Sunday. “There are a lot of donors out there who see it as much too dangerous, obviously, for the candidates, or their allied super PACs, to go after Trump. So they’re looking to more establishment PACs to potentially take him down in post-Labor Day ads.”

How to Stop Trump’s Momentum

1. Paint Trump as an Impostor: More and more media outlets will paint Trump as the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Meaning, he’s a Democrat sympathizer politically intentionally planted to spoil the GOP Establishment’s plan to put another Bush in the White House. His past friendship with the Clintons could make him appear as a snowplow for Hilliary’s road.

2. Dig Up Dirt: An old trick. Several left-leaning media sites have delved into transcripts from Trump’s divorce proceedings in an attempt to paint him as someone who disrespects women. It failed the next day when Trump’s former wife, Ivana, delivered steadfast support for him and de-bunked the story.

3. Sell pre-Government Experience: Only professional politicians have the skills to tackle the tough problems facing a potentially post-Obama site clean-up, right?

4. Share Some Intelligence with Hillary:The Clintons fear Trump. He knows them and might be sitting on more dirt (as if their that pile needs more). Hillary might be able to extend some of the GOP claims by saying things like: “Remember that time you said you supported late-term abortion at that dinner?…..”

5. Make Donald Spend His Money: Trump claims he’s worth $10 billion and can self-fund his campaign. This makes him attractive to voters who see political candidates as bought-and-paid-for by donors. Can he compete against the full monetary might of the GOP Establishment, the Super PACs, the leftist media and the Democrats? This demonstrates a pure scorched-earth-mutually-assured-destruction-type strategy.

What’s the Potential Outcome?

1. Furious Voters See This For What It Is: The voters are done being treated like rubes. Most will see through this, ignore the message and dig even deeper just to punish the Establishment and donors.

2. Ben Carson Benefits: Ben Carson sits tied with Trump in Iowa polls. He carries Trump’s outsider message, but offers thoughtful responses to issues. In the end, he can keep his political capital on the sideline and let Trump and the Establishment wear each other with ad/voter fatigue.

3. It Ends By February: The zero-sum game between Trump and the Establishment will end quickly. If the Establishment prevails, one of their candidates will win the nomination. If Trump wins, the race will boil down to non-Establishment choices such as Trump, Carson, Carly Fiorina or Ted Cruz. Then and only then will Conservative credentials be truly measured. In order to qualify as an Establishment candidate, one has to check their conservative principles at the door.

4. Trump Gains More Evidence: First, it’s ironic Jeb Bush should call out Trump for supporting Democrat causes when he supports Common Core, Amnesty and Big Government. Additionally, Trump makes the case about professional politicians in regards to his past political donations. As he said during the Fox News Debates: “If you need something, you call them and they are there for you.” In other words, I buy politicians because they help my business interests. #Backfire.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh says the GOP Establishment is “running a huge, huge risk. It looks to me like the Republican Party is being as obstinate and stubborn as it’s possible to be.”

This is what happens when the power of a party and the donor class that runs it are threatened.

Here’s a perfect example of why the Federal Election Commission wants to control political campaigning on the internet. Free air time? No donors? Tons of reach? An opportunity for voters to share it without the media being involved? GASP!!!!!!!!