GOP Consultant: ‘Shiv” Trump ‘in Ribs’

The GOP Establishment — aka the Progressive, Crony Capitalist wing of a party that not longer represents Conservatism or the Constitution — hatched its latest plan to take down Donald Trump.

Alex Castellanos — who just last week called for a “cleansing” within the party — couldn’t contain the secrets of the plan as he spoke on Bloomberg Politics on Friday.

Castellanos, perhaps since we can draw so many parallels between the corruption of the United States and the fall of the Roman Empire, unknowingly provided an excellent example for the plan: “The best way to do it is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs. In other words, hug the message but not the messenger.”

Hug the message, but not the messenger.

So in other words, adopt Trump’s anti-establishment message as the GOP’s. Lie and go do what you want to do if by some miracle the base doesn’t defect and you miraculously win the election. What these geniuses in the GOP consultant class fail to understand is: this is what spawned Trump in the first place! The GOP campaigned on abolishing Obamacare, stopping Amnesty and stopping Obama’s “transformation” of America.

As a result of those campaign promises, the American electorate handed the GOP a sweeping victory last fall that includes control of both houses of Congress. Within weeks the GOP funded Obamacare, passed a trillion-dollar “Cromnibus” budget plan loaded with pork, and voted to support Obama’s illegal immigration policy. All this happened between November 2014 and January.
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Castellanos continued to explain how the GOP would embrace Trump’s messaging: “‘We understand the frustration in America, we know why you hate Washington. Your country is on the verge of decline, it’s going over a cliff, and nobody’s doing anything about it. We get it. Donald Trump and I agree on that, but let me tell you now what we’re going to do.’ Take his energy, take his heat, and use it to fuel your engine. Turn his heat into your action and be there, you hope, when voters actually get serious about this and say ‘you know what, I agree with him but he’s not a president.'”

The American public will go down as a complete sucker if they fall for this tactic for what will amount to the third election in a row. The electorate delivered the House — fueled by the Tea Party — in 2010 and the GOP whined about how it only had one half of one branch of government making it impossible to stop Obama. Of course, they failed to realize or tell anyone that they had one of the most effective branches of the government — the one that controls the country’s purse strings.
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The entertaining part of the all this, is this is yet another evil plan hatched by the GOP Establishment. Watching them squirm as they face the potential of falling out of power is part of what makes Trump so appealing to public at this stage.

Not since the rise of Ronald Reagan has a candidate drawn so much vitriol from its own party. As the Democrats appear to be “deer in the headlights” over Hillary Clinton’s various scandals, it’s the Republicans choosing to anger their own base. If that’s not a sign that a party has become completely unhinged from its base…

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