Donald Trump Fights Back


Taking the press to task, and they didn’t like it.

(May 31, 2016) – Donald J. Trump held a news conference today which the press described as “combative.”  The conference was held at Trump Tower in New York City where the presumptive Republican candidate defended the monies he collected for veterans at a fund raiser in Iowa last January.  Mr. Trump was somehow accused for not distributing the money collected, either by the press or perhaps the Clinton campaign.

To quell the questions from the press, Mr. Trump provided an itemized list of all of the veterans charities receiving money, along with the amount donated, totalling $5.6 million.  He also made it clear that none of the donated money had been used for administrative purposes.

The candidate appeared somewhat perturbed to have to explain himself on this matter. In a tweet, Trump claimed, “I have raised/given a tremendous amount of money to our great VETERANS, and have got nothing but bad publicity for doing so.”

The GOP candidate rhetorically asked, why should we do fund raisers like this, if the press is going to attack you? ”  I shouldn’t be lambasted for this,” he said.

He then turned his ire on the press, claiming, “I think the political press is the most dishonest.” To support his argument, he described some false stories reported about him, and how he has been misquoted by the press.

Trump even went so far as to claim an ABC reporter in the audience was a “sleaze” for the statements he has made against him.

One reporter asked if this press conference was representative of the conferences he would make should he become president. Trump defiantly said, “Yes.”  If the press continues to spread falsehoods and distortions of the truth, Trump promises to fight back.  “I find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest,” he said.

The press was taken aback at the audacity of Mr. Trump.  They had never been treated this way.  However, Trump made it clear, if the press is going to attack and misrepresent him, he is more than willing to take them to the woodshed.

As an aside, nobody from the press corps congratulated the GOP candidate for collecting the $5.6 million funds.  Maybe they didn’t think it was enough.  The truth is though, this money will be certainly welcomed by veterans groups.

Keep the Faith!