Did Trump Get Anywhere With The “Establishment” GOP?

Donald Trump met in Washington, D.C. with House Speaker Paul Ryan, along with other senior members of the GOP.

While the official message being telegraphed out of this morning’s meetings is one of rosy first steps – Ryan characterized the discussions as “encouraging” a whopping 11 times…The goal was to quell concerns about his status as front runner. Republican House and Senate leaders who were in the meetings tell us Trump listened to their concerns. He was open to questions and criticisms, alike.

The meetings overall were described as congenial and straightforward. One top Senate Republican told us he found Trump to be different in private from the public persona he portrays on the campaign trail. The Speaker discussed the need for Trump to represent all Republicans, including the many who didn’t vote for him, according to a House Republican briefed on the meetings.

ABC’s Karen Travers has all the inside scoop.