Are You Tired of Being Called ‘Crazy?’

Pardon us Americans who believe in “representative government.” You know, the kind where you vote for a politician and they’re supposed to listen to their constituents instead of their campaign donors?

These are the same politicians who make show votes to polish up their records or campaign that they’ll stop the Obama agenda and do the exact opposite when they return to Washington.

You know, those guys. The people who have the audacity to refer to freedom-loving Americans as “crazies.”

Crazy Tweets

People who expect their politicians to live up to their oath to defend the Constitution are “hard to appease.”

That’s what Long Island, New York, Republican Rep. Peter King thinks. Mr. Homeland Security told Long Island tabloid Newsday: “I’m disappointed. This is a victory for the crazies. You can’t appease these people.”

Apparently it’s crazy to want Congress to use the powers provided in the Constitution to stop an out-of-control Executive Branch. Who’d have thought!

Then there’s Florida Representative David Jolly. He thinks his fellow Congressmen who want to use tactical shutdowns of the government as part of a budget fight are…well… “The honor of John Boehner this morning stands in stark contrast to the idiocy of those members who seek to continually divide us. The Shutdown Caucus as I call them has a small victory.”

More GOP Crazy Tweets

John Avlon of The Daily Beast viewed Boehner’s Speakership like this: “In fact, Boehner’s been one of the steady voices of sanity in an unhinged time for the Republican Party. He’s been the adult in the room filled with red-faced tantrums and toddler-esque factional squabbles. And he’s been constrained from pursuing many of his true goals by trying to hold in check the Tea Partiers that got him elected speaker in 2010 as they morphed into the Troll Party, more welcoming to ultra-right absolutists than to conservative reformers.”

Ah, the “Troll Party”. Those same pesky citizens who call and write their representatives to express their concern about issues and the overall direction of this country. Perhaps they should re-adopt the Gadsden flag to say “Don’t Troll on me.”

The media, Democrats and GOP Establishment have banded together to create this notion that following the Constitution is flat-out lunacy. It’s some leftover American governmental religion.

And Boehner’s ability to “work with the Democrats” means Boehner caved to the Democrats. In their minds, the Democrats never yield on their ideology. The Democrats never have to meet a Conservative halfway. It’s always the other way around.

If a Conservative clings to their beliefs…well…that’s dogma…and ideological and…well…just CRAZY.

And a government shutdown! GASP!!!!

For Big Government-worshipping Democrats what happens when the government shuts down and American life continues to actually go on? Well, it demonstrates we really don’t need a big government.