Cruz Has More $ Than Jeb


The fundraising numbers from last Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising quarter for 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz were so good combined with one week in the previous quarter, he has actually raised more “hard money” than former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a new memo from his campaign manager Jeff Roe obtained exclusively by Breitbart News reveals.

“With the release of each presidential campaign’s second quarter fundraising and expenditure data, it is clear the Sen. Ted Cruz for President campaign is well positioned against the other candidates,” the Roe memo reads. “Sen. Ted Cruz raised more ‘hard money’ than any other Republican in the race, including Jeb Bush; he has built a fundraising infrastructure that will sustain the campaign for the long-term; and he has shown the ability raise money all across the country, receiving donations in nearly half the all the zip codes in America.”

Highlights from Cruz’s fundraising, contained in the next section of the campaign memo, note that Cruz raised $14.3 million total during the full campaign—which is more than any other Republican candidate for the White House—and that he’s reinvested 72 percent of that on “furthering fundraising efforts.”

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