Democrats Might Dust Off Al Gore

As Hillary Clinton’s scandals continue to disrupt her coronation as the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee, party operatives are considering another player from the Clinton White House scene — former vice president Al Gore. quoted a Democrat source as saying “They’re getting the old gang together. They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically. It feels more real than it has in the past months.”

Of course, Florida residents will remember the role the state played in the 2000 election when Gore won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College after a long fight involving hanging chads and mail-in ballots. George W. Bush went on to win the first of two terms.

Since then Gore has gone on to become the poster boy for Global Warming. His “Inconvenient Truth” documentary sparked an entire debate about global temperatures and man’s alleged role in making the Earth warmer. Unfortunately for Gore, much of the science in the documentary has been discredited.

Gore still plays a role as a spokesperson and lobbyist for the global warming industry. He has been a strong advocate against Keystone Pipeline, fracking and other petro-industry initiatives.

The question for Gore, however, is if he’ll want to abandon his civilian life as an entrepreneur. He founded Current TV and sold it to Al Jazeera for a reported $500 million. He’s currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the Qatar-owned television network over who obtains the $65 million escrow account associated with the deal.

Gore’s presence in the Democrat pool of contenders would be welcome by those who want to turn back the clock to the Clinton era. If they can’t get the former First Lady, the ex-VP might be a more palatable choice over Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders or former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.

Gore is set to appear at a “climate crisis” conference in Florida.