5 Things To Watch For In The Debate


Tonight the CNN GOP Presidential debate will take place at the Venetian casino in Las Vegas and there will be a packed house in the arena. Donald Trump will for the fifth straight time take the center spot on the stage in the frontrunners spot.

The main topic of the debate will be on national security and that is a something that after Paris and San Bernardino has become the number one topic for voters. Trump’s tough talk has paid off as his poll numbers are at an all time high.

So, what do we look for tonight?

It is the last of the debates on the Republican side before the calendar turns to 2016. So here are five things that News Talk Florida think that we should watch for in tonight’s debate.

  1. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz side will likely spend more time going after Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Cruz needs to stay close to Trump’s voters and he understands that Rubio is a bigger threat to him in the long run. Cruz will hit Rubio on immigration and look for Rubio will challenge Cruz on national security.
  2. Look for Trump to continue to take his hard line on Muslims and defend his stance. He will battle when challenged and will look for some openings to make his points. However, there is no need for him to fight with any the other candidates on the stage. He is ahead in the polls and unlikely to back down on national defense.
  3. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will try to use his 9/11 experience to establish himself as the true leader when it comes to protecting the homeland. He will also try to make the case he is the best prepared candidate to handle the national security issues as a president. There is a chance the Christie tries to go after Trump on the issue of national security but it would be a risky move.
  4. Jeb Bush needs to figure out a way to become relevant again. He has openly said that Trump would not be the party’s nominee. So, could Bush make going after Trump in tonight’s debate his way to become relevant again? While it might be tempting, Bush got schooled by Rubio in debate number three and so he might try another way to make his mark.
  5. Businesswoman Carly Fiorina will keep scoring points and putting herself in a strong position as a vice presidential candidate. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will make a pitch to gain some support in Iowa with the Christian Conservatives and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will likely do one more Kumasi mission to take down Trump.
  6. This is bonus one and it has to do with Dr. Ben Carson, who at the moment is in free fall. National security is not an issue in his wheelhouse but unless he makes some kind of strong showing tonight he could fall further down the list of candidates.
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