Repealing Obama’s Health Care Law Won’t Be Easy

WASHINGTON (AP) — If Mitt Romney wins the White House and Republican allies retake the Senate, there’s a way to roll back President Barack Obama’s health care law without having to get 60 votes in the 100-member Senate to beat a Democratic filibuster.

But it won’t be as easy, or quick, as last week’s show vote in the House to repeal what Republicans call “Obamacare.”

First, a budget resolution would have to pass both houses. But that agenda-setting measure also would require answering other questions, like whether to raise or reduce taxes, or cut Medicare benefits. That could take most of the year.

Once it’s done, however, the Senate could repeal the most controversial parts of Obamacare — like making people buy health insurance — with just 51 votes if every senator voted.

Source: AP