Pee in a cup, way ahead of ya!

Attorney General Pam Bondi was ready when Daily Showpersonality Aasif Mandvi approached her Thursday in the Capitol.

“You supported the TANF drug test bill and I am just wondering if today you would be willing to undergo a drug test of your own … ” said Mandvi, who had asked Gov. Rick Scott for a urine sample Wednesday.

He was referring to the bill legislators approved last year requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test. The measure has been put on hold by an Orlando court.

Bondi pulled out a plastic cup and said, “Well, that’s very interesting that you should say that, because as attorney general, I’m always prepared.”

“You have a sample of your urine!” Mandvi exclaimed. “Is this really your urine?”

“Thank you. Have a great day,” Bondi said as she and her entourage walked away. “My name’s on the top.”

Mandvi looked at the cup. “It says Pam Bondi. I don’t know if it’s really urine, though.”

He smelled it. “It’s apple juice.”

He tasted it. “It’s apple juice.”

The Daily Show also asked several legislators to pee in a cup. Those who have agreed: Rep. Joe Abruzzo, D-West Palm Beach; Rep. Jose Feliz Diaz, R-Miami; Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg; and Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando.

St. Petersburg Times