Obama To Visit CDC To Announce Ebola Plans

Center For Disease Control

President Obama is planning to boost the efforts to combat the Ebola virus in Africa, which includes getting more of the U.S. military involved, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Per the Wall Street Journal, Obama will visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta on Tuesday to detail his plans. Among the things Obama could announce is sending portable hospitals and health-care experts and doctors, conducting training for health workers in Liberia as well as other countries and providing medical supplies.

“There’s a lot that we’ve been putting toward this, but it is not sufficient,” Lisa Monaco, Mr. Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser, said in an interview Sunday, via the Wall Street Journal. “So the president has directed a more scaled-up response and that’s what you’re going to hear more about on Tuesday.”

Obama is also said to urge Congress to approve $88 million more for his proposal.

The Journal outlines Obama’s ideas:

The strategy has four components: control the outbreak at its source in West Africa; build competence in the region’s public-health system, particularly in Liberia; bolster the capacity of local officials through enhanced training for health-care providers; and increase support from international organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization.