U.S. Crosses Same-Sex Marriage Mark

AP Photo

(CNN) — As Hawaii and Illinois join the list of states approving same-sex marriage, the United States crosses a big mark on the issue: More than 1 in 3 Americans will live where same-sex marriage is legal.

It’s a dramatic shift in a short period of time — one not seen on other social issues.

In all, 16 states and the District of Columbia now have legal same-sex marriage.

It’s banned in other states, except New Mexico, which has no state law either way. Some counties in New Mexico have begun allowing same-sex marriage.

President Obama’s shift on the issue reflects that change.

“With today’s vote, Hawaii joins a growing number of states that recognize that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be treated fairly and equally under the law,” Obama, a native Hawaiian, said in a statement Tuesday. In his first presidential election campaign, in 2008, Obama opposed same-sex marriage.

Source: CNN