UPDATE House To Vote On Tougher Gun Laws

Update: House Will Send A Bill To The Floor Next Week


WASHINGTON – In an update to this story just a  week after Democrats staged a nearly 26-hour sit-in demanding a vote on gun control measures, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said the House will vote next week on legislation to block suspected terrorists from buying guns.

In a conference call this morning, Ryan told rank-and-file Republicans that the House will take up a terrorism package that will include measures to disrupt radicalization and recruitment, as well as a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing guns, according to a source on the call.

It’s unclear exactly which bill will be brought to the floor.

There is a definite move toward common sense gun laws and the electorate now support for stricter gun laws is at its highest level ever.This is according to a new poll that also finds high levels of support for background checks and banning those on terrorist watch lists from getting guns.A record majority of American voters, 54 percent, support stricter gun laws in the U.S., according to the Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday. Another 42 percent remain opposed to stricter gun laws.

If you look inside the poll and really breakdown the numbers you see that a majority of Americans in gun households, 56 percent, oppose stricter gun laws, while 39 percent support them.

As you might expect the poll shows that women are more likely than men to want tougher laws, with women favoring them, 63 to 33 percent, and men opposing them, 51 to 45 percent.

The poll also finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans, 86 percent, say those on the government’s terrorist watch list shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns, while 12 percent are opposed to such a ban.

More than nine in 10 Americans, 93 percent, support requiring background checks on all gun buyers, while 6 percent oppose such a move.

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More than six in 10 Americans, 62 percent, think that expanding background checks would help reduce gun violence, while 35 percent say it wouldn’t help.

The fall elections will no doubt show Democrats pushing that Republicans are owned by the National Rifle Association. Meanwhile, gun advocates in Congress will paint the Democrats as trying to diminish the power of the 2nd Amendment.

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