Mel Martinez Backs Mitt Romney

MIAMI (AP) — Former Republican National Committee Chair and ex-Florida U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez is throwing his weight behind GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Martinez will serve as chairman of Romney’s National Advisory Council. In a statement issued Monday from the Romney campaign, Martinez says he believes the former Massachusetts governor’s private sector experience makes him the best candidate.

He also noted Romney’s success balancing Massachusetts’ budget without raising taxes.

In the statement, Romney says support from Florida voters would be key to turning around the economy. Their support, and that of Florida’s Hispanic voters, will also be important to getting elected president.

Martinez served in the U.S. Senate from 2005 to 2009. He is now a senior executive at JPMorgan Chase. Floridians elected Marco Rubio to replace him in 2010.

Source: Laura Wides-Munoz – AP