Henderson: Don’t Expect ‘Stand Your Ground’ Overhaul

It’s good that Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford is asking for a hearing on the “stand your ground” law, I guess. Legislators ought to talk about these things, if only to show they have self-awareness about the outside threats of boycotts and such against our state because of this law.

That’s probably as far as it will go, though. This is the law we have, and the chances of this particular group of legislators making serious changes to it are roughly the same as Alex Rodriguez winning a Man of the Year award.

If the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee actually gets around to reviewing the law this fall, it will be one of the most highly covered events in recent times where absolutely nothing happens. Committee Chairman Matt Gaetz shot from the hip, so to speak, when he told the Tribune’s William March, “I don’t expect that the Legislature’s going to move one damn comma.”


Source: TBO