Governor’s 2012 budget will be released today

Governor Rick Scott will present his 2012-2013 budget today and some say there will be a few surprises

One area that Governor Scott wants to increase is school spending. There were big cuts in school spending in 2011, and he wants to increase that part of the budget by around $1 billion in 2012.

The move comes as the state needs to shave about $2 billion overall from its $61 billion budget.

Lower property tax values, according to the Governor’s office, are hitting local school districts hard. An increase in spending per student by about $100 each would help offset the shortfall.

Governor Scott is also expected to include a cooperate income tax cut, which may help create jobs, and he is vowing to not raise taxes to make his budget work.

But to do that, some think deep spending cuts could impact other programs that help the unemployed, seniors and the poor.

Scott will release his new budget this afternoon.