Gingrich Talks Obamacare In A ‘Kardashian Culture’

newt_2013Boehner was “struggling” to come up with enough votes Tuesday to pass a GOP counter-proposal to a bipartisan Senate plan. Gingrich argued that if the conservative faction of the party fails to get anti-Obamacare measures passed, they’ll become further driven to keep fighting in the years to come.

“This has in my ways, I think, become a ‘Kardashian culture,’ in which you become a celebrity because you are noisy,” he said, referring to the famous reality TV family.

The president has mastered the celebrity culture and an increasingly shorter news cycle, he said, adding that the media tends to favor the Democratic position.

“Obama’s very good at politics and personality, and in a ‘Kardashian culture,’ that carries you an immense distance.”



Source: CNN