No Doubt That The 2016 Election Is Going To Be Rigged

Voters will see a dirty campaign till the very end

Okay, the primaries are over, as are the party conventions and the presidential debates.  We now enter the final phase of the election where it is going to get particularly dirty.  This will certainly try our patience and test our belief in the American electoral process.  If you thought 1972’s Nixon/McGovern campaign was bad, or the 2000 Bush/Gore contest, you haven’t seen anything yet.  The 2016 election will likely go down as the most contested.

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On the one side, we have the Democrats featuring a liberal/progressive agenda and a new world order.  On the other, we have the Republicans led by a political outsider who wants to shake up the establishment in Washington, DC, and return to the principles embodied in the Constitution.  The divide is great and the outcome will shake the country to its roots.

With so much at stake, the last few weeks will turn particularly ugly.  We will likely see:

*  Continuous negative advertising aimed at attacking the integrity of the candidates.

*  We will continue to receive obnoxious and misleading telephone calls and e-mails, not to mention social media which will be clogged with frenzied messages up to the last minute.

*  Political signs will be stolen and defaced, particularly Republican.

*  We will likely experience disruptions in communication services, such as what happened to Wikileak’s Julian Assange who has been releasing unflattering e-mails regarding Mrs. Clinton’s checkered past.  Suddenly, on October 17th, his Internet service was mysteriously cut, thereby thwarting his attempts to release further e-mails.  This smacks of government intervention and is a warning to critics of Mrs. Clinton’s.

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*  Journalists will work overtime to take down the Republican candidate as he represents a genuine threat to the Washington establishment.  New accusations will be cast against him, falsehoods and innuendos spread, polls will be altered, and there will not be one positive article printed in the major newspapers, particularly the New York Times and Washington Post.

*  Protests, demonstrations and confrontations will grow in intensity, possibly leading to violence.  Trained provocateurs will attempt to instigate violence at Republican events.

*  We will see a new spate of political terrorism, such as the fire bombing of the GOP headquarters in Orange County, NC on October 16th.  This is where a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the office window late at night and setting the building ablaze.  Fortunately nobody was in it at the time.  On an adjacent building, the following graffiti was sprayed,  “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”  Such acts of terrorism may inspire others to do likewise.

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The most dangerous part of the final days will likely be election day itself where we will inevitably experience voter fraud.  This is certainly not new, but it will be very pronounced in 2016.  Here is what to expect:

*  People voting more than once, either under a different name or at a different voting precinct.  This is where poll watchers are desperately needed to assure legitimate voting.  I am reminded of a woman in Cincinnati who was caught voting multiple times for Barack Obama in the last presidential election, I believe it was six.  This is also where Voter ID with a photograph is sorely needed.  Photo identification is not intended to stop people from voting, but to assure legitimate voters vote.  The idea of no photo ID is not just ridiculous, it is intended to subvert the electoral process.  It is simply reprehensible.

*  Voting from the grave; a technique made famous in the 1960 election featuring Kennedy versus Nixon.  Absentee ballots are handy for such purposes.

*  Stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent ballots is an old, but effective technique, particularly if a precinct staff has a political agenda (and nobody is watching).

*  Allowing criminals and non-U.S. citizens to vote.  California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law legislation allowing felons in county jails to vote in Golden State elections.  Allowing guilty murderers, rapists, thieves and gang members to vote is difficult to comprehend as criminals usually lose all their rights when sentenced to jail.  This legislation was drafted by the Democrats, passed into law by Democrats, and signed by a Democratic governor.  Gee, I wonder which party the felons will vote for?

*  The press could prematurely and falsely predict the voting results of the eastern states, thereby influencing voting in the western states.

*  Voter intimidation at the precinct has been a problem during the past two elections, particularly in Philadelphia.  There should be at least a pair of Law Enforcement Officers at each precinct to assure such skullduggery doesn’t reoccur.

*  Altering voting equipment is another potential problem.  If citizens cannot vote for the candidate they desire, or if the vote is misdirected to the opposing candidate, then devious mischief is occurring which is every bit as illegal as all the others mentioned herein.

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These are the common voter fraud techniques we are aware of, some new tricks may surface in 2016.

Stealing the election through voter fraud is a threat to our system of government and should not be tolerated, yet experience shows that it is.  We all like to believe America is the model for the rest of the world in terms of voting.  If so, we are sending a horrible message, that corruption is an inherent part of the electoral process.

Maybe this is all a sign of our social decay and diminishing morality.  We should recognize though, this is based on two entirely different interpretations as to the direction of our country, one aimed at establishing a new world order without boundaries, and another who believes in the sovereignty of our nation.  Naturally, the two views are incompatible, hence the division of the country, thereby guaranteeing a very dirty election.

And Yes, the system is most definitely rigged.

Keep the Faith!