Will The U.S. Senate Hold A Hearing On Scalia Vacancy?

On the replacing Antonin Scalia front, we know that President Obama plans to nominate a candidate to fill that seat within the next few weeks. So the question is, will the U.S. Senate then go ahead with a hearing on that nomination? Well, all 46 Democratic senators say they want to hold a hearing.

So far, it appears many Republican senators don’t want to, but there are signs that not everybody thinks that can be avoided. In fact, judging by recent newspaper editorials, it appears the pressure will be on to hold such a hearing.

As the Detroit Free Press put it, “It is highly ironic that a Republican-controlled Senate would act so contrary to the originalist constitutional interpretation that Scalia espoused so strongly. The Senate should vote on Obama’s nomination to the court.”

ABC’s Kenneth Moton joined us from Washington D.C.