Want Your Ashes To Go To The Moon?

First it was just a company called Celestis, that using a lunar lander being developed by Moon Express, was planning to offer flying your cremated remains to the moon packages starting at $12,500. Now another company, Elysium, working with Astrobotic Technology, is promising to deliver people’s ashes to the surface of the moon for just $11,950.

In fact, the first 50 to sign up get a really special $9,500 price. Now Celestis, and by the end of this year Elysium as well, already offer other packages to get your ashes simply into outer space (like James “Scotty” Doohan and Timothy “LSD” Leary), or even orbiting the earth for eternity.

But as far as the moon landings go, target date for the first delivery is by the end of 2017. So the price war may just be in its early stages.

ABC’s Scott Goldberg joined us from New York to discuss.