After Controversy, Target To Remove Gender Labels

Retail giant Target is looking to make some changes to how they label their products after receiving complaints on social media.

Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance,” Target says in a statement on Friday. “For example, in the kids’ Bedding area, signs will no longer feature suggestions for boys or girls, just kids. In the Toys aisles, we’ll also remove reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves. You’ll see these changes start to happen over the next few months.”

The company will continue to distinguish gender between items that have different sizes and fits like clothing but will make items like entertainment products gender neutral.

A tweet from a Target customer started the whole domino affect. Abi Bechtel tweeted on June 1 “Don’t do this @Target” with a picture of a sign saying “building sets” while also containing “girls’ building sets” under it.


The tweet has been retweeted just shy of 3,000 times and has prompted Target to make some changes.

Your Wake Up Call host Jim Watkins elaborated.