Obama Tells Air Force Grads To Avoid Isolationism

President Barack Obama implored the next generation of U.S. military leaders at the Air Force Academy not to give in to isolationism or pull back from U.S. leadership in the world, drawing a contrast with a foreign policy vision that’s been laid out by Donald Trump. Obama used his final commencement address as president to reassure the military that it remains the world’s dominant fighting force, implicitly pushing back against critiques that the military’s might has ebbed under his watch.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird F-16 crashed in a field just outside Petersen Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, shortly after performing in a flyover at the nearby Air Force Academy graduation where President Obama was in attendance. The pilot ejected safely, and was even able to meet the president after his harrowing experience.

ABC’s Stephanie Ramos joined us from Washington D.C.