Times Square Looking To Rid Itself of Nudity

Tourists have long been treated to the sight of a life-sized Elmo or Olaf the snowman posing for pictures with adoring tots (for a fee) in the Times Square area of NYC. But recently, these adorable, furry friends have acquired some competition.

The so-called “desnudas,” a group of topless women in body paint who have set up shop in Times Square also pose with a more mature variety of tourist, also for cash. Unfortunately the attention the ladies have brought to the pose-for-a-fee practice appears to have ruined it for everyone, since the mayor and the governor have now announced that they intend to crack down aggressively on the practice all together saying that if they don’t, it will send Times Square down “a slippery slope on the path back to Times Square’s old reputation as a haven for sex trade.”

ABC’s Aaron Katersky joined us from New York City to discuss.