Video: Lighten Up on Capitalism, Francis

In his daily Un-Commentary video, AM 820 Morning Show host Jim Watkins says Pope Francis and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are misleading people with all their socialist political drivel.

As you can see in the social comments below, Think Progress published a story as to why Progressives should care about the Pope’s forthcoming visit the United States. And gleeful headlines a story about how Francis is “sticking it to the right”.

Progressives typically range from atheists to secularists with a few old-fashioned Democrat Catholics thrown in who somehow view welfare as a benevolent system Jesus would approve. Nothing like handing off your responsibilities to keep your brother to the State, eh?

Since Think Progress considers Francis’ political views as vital to pushing their agenda, they’ll deem his visit as important to forwarding their cause. As we all know, “progressive” is another of the word tricks to hide the term “socialist”.

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