Indiana The Big Prize This Week As Trump Rolls To Nomination

The latest poll out of Indiana from NBC-WSJ, have Donald Trump comfortably ahead of Ted Cruz in that state, though previous polls had it much closer.

A Trump win will of course further enhance his chances of winning the GOP nomination come July, which are quite strong. This despite all the internal GOP efforts to derail his campaign, the extraordinary statements from many elected officials from his own party that they would never vote for him, and the hostility those unhappy with his message and rhetoric have actively expressed, and increasingly demonstrated at his campaign events.

Regardless, Trump seems to have a firm grasp of why he is doing so well, part of which appears to be not sounding anything like a politician. As we hear talk of a “more presidential” candidate in the offing, will that in fact happen, or is Trump’s “Trump Card,” actually the campaign style that has brought him to this point?

ABC’s Brad Mielke joined us from New York.