Fruits and Kids: Apples Most Popular Choice

Two new studies shed some light on fruits, and children’s diets. First off, it turns out the apples are the most popular choice among kids, accounting for 20% of consumption for children ages 2 to 19, with an extra 10% if you include apple juice.

This is important, because only 4 of 10 kids have enough fruit in their diets, so perhaps apples are the answer. Or maybe the answer is cash… as a different study released a week ago, conducted in Utah across six elementary schools, tried to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables by one of three ways… cash, praise, and nothing.

The results: praise worked a bit, but as they say, cash is king. And even when the spigot was turned off after three months, six months after that, those kids were still eating more fruits than their peers, even though they were no longer getting paid.

ABC’s Scott Goldberg joined us from New York City to discuss with Chris Fisher, who filled in for Jim Watkins.