Chicago’s O’Hare The Champ When It Comes To Flight Delays

It’s been a rough week for a couple United Airlines flights and their passengers. One with equipment trouble is diverted to a military barracks in rural Canada, (overnight stay, 39 degrees), and another with an unruly passenger is diverted to Belfast airport (overnight stay, floor of the airport) before proceeding to Chicago. Is there anything airlines can do to make these situations more bearable? Also, Southwest vs. Delta. No, not a fare war, unfortunately.

They are battling over gate space at Dallas Love Field, and alternative to DFW. And finally, a reminder of the perils of summer travel, as Monday, 150 flights cancelled at O’Hare because of thunderstorms. Recent studies show that O’Hare is the batting champion when it comes to the nation’s worst flight delays.

Rick Seaney from joined us to discuss.