Yoga eases aging for Pasco seniors

NEW PORT RICHEY – Millie Pagani, 76, has always been active and involved in physical activities. Growing up in the Bronx, N.Y., during The Great Depression, she and her friends would invent games and play various sports using makeshift equipment. After buying her first television set in the 1950s, Pagani became a fan of The Jack LaLanne Show, which promoted exercise and proper nutrition.

Ten years ago, she retired and thought her need to exercise was finished. However, her body changed and Pagani didn’t like what she saw.

“I started walking like an old person, bent over and shuffling my feet,” said Pagani, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema. “I saw the writing on the wall that, unless I join a gym or some other workout program, I’m going to become like them.”

“I had better balance, circulation and posture,” she said. “The flexibility of my ankles improved and I was walking better. I felt I grew an inch because my spine had straightened. Yoga has helped me with the longevity and the quality of my life.”

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