Yahoo Wins Court Order To Release PRISM Information

Yahoo, initially vilified for being part of the PRISM program, which allows the National Security Agency (NSA) to tap it and other companies for users’ information, is about to be vindicated.

A court ruled Monday that the Department of Justice must reveal classified documents from 2008 that Yahoo says will demonstrate that the company fought back against a secret court order to reveal their users’ data.

“The Government shall conduct a declassification review of this Court’s Memorandum Opinion of [Yahoo’s case] and the legal briefs submitted by the parties to this Court,” the ruling read. The Department of Justice has two weeks to estimate how long it’ll take to declassify the documents and can still redact the parts it finds contains classified information.

Ironically, it’s the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court that ruled for Yahoo. It was the FISC, often referred to as a “secret court,” that signed off on an order for Yahoo to hand over users’ information in the first place.


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