Video: World’s Tallest Roller Coaster To Open In Florida

The world’s tallest roller coaster will open in two years in Orlando, Florida just off International Drive.

“Skyscraper” is a beast that stands 570 feet tall and will travel at 65 mph as it swings passengers outside of an entertainment complex and observation deck. It is set to begin construction in 2015 and open in 2016.

“Skyscraper will not only take riders higher than ever before, but also introduce one thrill right after the next — there’s no ‘down time’ on this four-minute coaster experience,” Michael Kitchen, president of US Thrill Rides, told the Orlando Sentinel. “It is an absolute cutting-edge engineering marvel that will deliver pure adrenaline unlike any roller coaster in the world today.”

The 495,000-square-foot Skyplex is designed to include upscale arcading, simulators, rock climbing, bars, restaurants and retail, officials say, according to the paper.

The current record for world’s tallest coaster is “Kingda Ka” (seen below), which stands 456 feet tall at Six Flags in Jackson, N.J. It’s also the world’s fastest at 128 mph. To put that in perspective, your average ride goes about 60 or 65 mph.