Woman Finds Spider In Her Ravioli

A Brevard County woman got more than she expected when she opened a can of Chef Boyardee and found a huge spider inside.

Victoria Harrah said she has been eating the same kind of Chef Boyardee ravioli for the last 30 years.

But on Wednesday, she noticed that it didn’t taste right and that when she bit into it, it crunched.

She spit out the ravioli and was shocked to see the legs of a spider.

She screamed, threw up and then called the food company.

Harrah said the spider was sandwiched inside the meat filled pasta, which she originally bought for her grandchildren.

The food company said it would fly someone to Orlando on Wednesday to pick up the can.

However, the United States Department of Agriculture said no to that and told Harrah to put the can in the freezer until inspectors could look at it.