WinnDixie Evacuated After Rotisserie Fire

WinDixie Fire

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue units responded to a structure fire at 7851 Palm River Rd for a fire inside the kitchen at WinnDixie.

The manager of the store reacted quickly and evacuated all of the customers and employees from the store to a safe location without incident. The source of the fire was a commercial chicken rotisseries appliance that was being fed by gas.

Fire Rescue crews quickly shut off the gas to that machine and extinguished the flames preventing further damage to the rest of the kitchen or store. One firefighter sustained minor injuries during the operation and was transported
to a local hospital for evaluation.

No other injuries were reported to civilians or fire rescue personnel. The Fire Investigator was called to the scene and after a complete investigation it was determined that the fire was accidental caused by grease from the rotisserie.

Fire rescue cleared the scene and the store is back in operations.