What To Buy And What Not To Buy In October

What To buy:

-A 2013 car, as dealers clear the lots of the old models. It says look for markdowns of 10% to 20% below sticker price.

-Next spring or summer’s travel.  You can now book airline tickets through August 2014, so now is the time to grab seats and packages.

-Grills and patio furniture, if you can still find any in stores.

-Halloween costumes, the week before Halloween. Don’t buy them the first week of October, unless yours is a rare costume that may sell out.


What Not To Buy:


-A big screen HDTV.  In fact, DealNews says October is the worst time to buy a big TV, because the biggest markdowns of the year start around November 15th, and continue until Christmas.

-Winter clothing:  It won’t go on sale until Black Friday, and you don’t need it yet.

-Backyard Fire Pits:  Everyone wants one right now, so expect to pay full price.  They go on sale after Christmas.

What about appliances?  Stores always run sales, so you may find a good deal.  And if you need a refrigerator, you need a refrigerator.



Source: ABC Action News