Breaking: Washington GMO Labels And Ballot Counting

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk

Last night, Elizabeth Dougherty asked pointed questions about the voting and ballot counting process in the State of Washington.

For months, we’ve followed the I-522 ballot initiative in Washington State that would require the labeling of genetically modified foods.

The November 5th, 2013 election day has come and gone, and as of this writing, eight days after the mail-in ballots were to be returned, there STILL is no clear cut answer as to the final vote.

In a special segment exclusively for, The Food Nation Radio Network with Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with David Ammons, the Director of Communications for the Secretary of State in Washington about the balloting process, how the count is being conducted and when a definitive answer will be announced.

As you’ll hear in our comments after the interview, it is clear even after the election is certified on November 26th, the Attorney General of Washington may take further action based upon the fact that unlawful contributions with unclean hands were used to fund a negative campaign to sway public opinion and change the outcome of this election.

CLICK HERE to listen to this special segment, the interview and our comments.

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