Your Wake Up Call Rundown, July 9th

Good morning! We have another great addition of Your Wake Up Call lined up this morning. Here’s what’s on tap.

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Israel Steps Up Offensive With Deadly Gaza Bombings

Israel on Tuesday launched its largest offensive in the Gaza Strip in nearly two years, carrying out a blistering aerial assault on scores of targets and killing 25 people in what officials called an open-ended operation aimed at ending weeks of heavy rocket fire. As Gaza militants unleashed salvos on cities including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel mobilized forces along the border for a possible ground invasion. At 6:25 ABC News correspondent Tom Rivers will join us.

Obama Seeks Nearly $4 Billion For Immigration Crisis

On Tuesday, President Obama requested nearly $4 billion in emergency funding from Congress to confront an immigration crisis from a wave of unaccompanied children surging across the southern border of the U.S. The financial request would boost spending on border patrol agents, immigration judges, aerial surveillance and new detention facilities. But Congress may have its own ideas on how the $3.7 billion should be spent. Already there were signs from Republicans on Tuesday that the president’s proposal did not address all of their concerns. ABC News/White House correspondent Ann Compton will join us at 7:10.

Nighttime Congressional Hearing Casts More Bad Light On VA Hospitals

A federal investigative agency is examining 67 claims of retaliation by supervisors at the Department of Veterans Affairs against employees who filed whistleblower complaints — including 25 complaints filed since June 1, after a growing health care scandal involving long patient waits and falsified records at VA hospitals and clinics became public. The independent Office of Special Counsel said 30 of the complaints about retaliation have passed the initial review stage. The figures were provided during a Tuesday night hearing before the House Veterans Affairs Committee. At 7:35 ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg will join us.

President Obama and Governor Perry To Discuss The Immigration Crisis

President Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry have finalized plans for a face-to-face meeting about the crisis along the U.S./Mexico border. The president, who had already planned to travel to Texas for several fundraising events, has accepted Perry’s invitation to sit down in Dallas to talk about the sudden surge in illegal immigration. Around 52,000 unaccompanied children have come across the border this fiscal year and Perry holds the president at least partly responsible. ABC News correspondent Jim Ryan will join us.

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