Your Wake Up Call Rundown, July 3

Good morning! We’re glad you can join us. Here’s what we’ll be talking about today on Your Wake Up Call:

Syrian Chemical Weapons Transfer/Destruction

The U.S. government cargo ship MV Cape Ray, has sailed into Italy to handle the transfer and destruction of 13-hundred tons of Syrian chemical weapons. One year ago, President Obama accused the Syrian government of using gas on its people and this is part of an effort to rid Syria of its chemical weapons. ABC News correspondent Tom Rivers joins us at 6:25 to discuss it.

Arthur is Now a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Arthur has become officially become a category 1 hurricane, and it will put a damper on a number of Fourth of July celebrations along the eastern seaboard. While we won’t see much here in Florida, if you’re traveling this weekend, you’ll want to tune in to hear from ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg. He joins us at 6:55 to talk about it.

President Obama’s To-Do List for the Fourth of July

It’s a long holiday weekend, but not for President Obama, who has a number of items to address, including the situation in the Middle East and the border crisis in Texas. ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton will join us at 7:10 for the latest with the president.

Battle Brewing Over Chemical Regulations

One year after the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed 15 people and injured hundreds more, Texas lawmakers are trying to better regulate these plants, particularly the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals. Some have argued that these restrictions will put an unnecessary burden on small businesses. ABC News correspondent Jim Ryans joins us at 7:35 for more.

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