Your Wake Up Call Rundown July 14th

Good morning! Here’s what’s on tap for today.

Middle East Strife Overwhelms President Obama’s Agenda

Foreign crises never take summer vacations. President Obama hopes to return Washington’s focus this week to infrastructure spending on American roads and bridges but intense pressures are building up with military pyrotechnics in Gaza, Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s electoral paralysis, and a high level meeting with Iran. Ann puts the Presidential demands in perspective.

Sole Survivor of Texas Mass Shooting Speaks Out

The 15-year-old lone survivor of a shooting at a suburban Houston home that left her parents and four siblings dead spoke tearfully at a memorial service for her family Saturday, saying they were “in a much better place.” Stay was an intended victim of accused gunman Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, but survived when a bullet fired at her only grazed her head. The rest of her family was murdered execution style in their home Wednesday.

West Sees Significant Gaps With Iran on Nuclear Deal

Efforts to open the way to a final nuclear deal between Iran and world powers appeared to fall short after a day of intensive talks between the Iranian foreign minister and his U.S. and European counterparts. With a week left to a deadline for reaching a comprehensive deal, significant gaps remained. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif met with U.S. and European foreign ministers in Vienna.

New Study Dispels Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking

A new study is pouring cold water on suggestions that a few glasses of red wine could improve your long term health. The study, co lead by the University of Pennsylvanian Perelman School of Medicine, has revealed that reduced consumption of alcohol can straight away diminish heart attack risk and lower blood pressure — a complete counter attack to the idea that moderate levels of alcohol are good for one’s health.

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