Your Wake Up Call Podcast, June 13th

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According to a recent report from the CDC, teen smoking has hit a landmark low — a positive. But unfortunately, other risky behaviors like texting behind the wheel and a massive amount of media consumption have replaced it. ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg joins us to talk about the findings in the report.

The FBI has now launched a criminal investigation of the VA health care system. At 6:51, U.S. Rep. David Jolly will join us to discuss it.

President Obama said Thursday that Iraq will need more help from the U.S. due to the recent militant surge in Iraq. We’ll be joined by ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton at 7:10 to talk about the U.S.’s options for assistance.

Sen. John McCain called for the resignation of the entire White House national security team over the handlings of Iraq, saying the U.S. pulled out far too early. We talk about McCain’s comments and revisit the U.S.’s handlings of war in Iraq.

The World Cup officially began yesterday. The home team, Brazil, beat Croatia 3-1 and the U.S. faces Ghana on Monday. Nando Villa, Co-Host of Soccer Gods on Fusion TV, Brazil, joins us at 7:35 to preview the tournament.
Traveling this weekend? AAA’s Jessica Brady joins us at 8:21 to help you with some last-minute travel planning.

At 8:35 ABC news correspondent Tom Rivers joins us from London for more on the situation in Iraq as militants threaten to capture another city — Baghdad. Kurdish forces have claimed control of the oil city of Kirkuk, saying government forces have fled. Meanwhile, NATO officials say they have no plans to get military involved in Iraq after Sunni Muslim militants overran much of the north and were pressing onward.

At 8:51, Pulitzer Prize winner and Tampa Bay Times columnist Daniel Ruth joins us to look ahead to his show for tomorrow.

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