Viewers Left Hungry After “Eaten Alive” Premiere

After weeks of promoting Discovery Channel’s “Eaten Alive,” the show finally aired on Sunday and viewers who watched the show are not happy.

When viewers soon realized that the man was never actually eaten alive by an anaconda, they lashed out on twitter and expressed their disappointment.

The show began with the ideas of Paul Rosolie, a conservationist and snake expert, who wanted to show what it was like to enter the belly of the one of the largest snakes on earth. Rosolie created a custom-built suit that would protect his body. But it seemed that the suit wasn’t doing enough, and in the video you can hear Rosolie yelling for help. He says that the anaconda was about to break his arm, and his team rushed in to rescue him.

After the anticipation to see Rosolie get eaten whole by the snake, viewers lashed out on Twitter and explained their frustration after watching the two-hour premiere Sunday night:

The show was hyped up by Discovery Channel for weeks, and in the Google description under the “Eaten Alive” website, the description reads, “On ‘Eaten Alive’, naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie enters the belly of an anaconda in a snake-proof suit,” according to the Washington Post.

So it is understandable that the viewers were upset to find out that after watching the entire show, Rosolie never ended up getting eaten by a snake.

National Geographic tweeted a few posts and poked fun at Discovery Channel with a few photos from their Nat Geo shows: