Video: Tribute To Levi Dixon Jr., Killed In 2008

Levi Dixon Jr. was an up-and-coming 17-year-old singer who performed with his church choir. He had a chance to go to college and make music his life.

Five years ago, Dixon’s musical dreams ended. Early in the morning on July 27, 2008, Dixon was fatally shot inside a friend’s West Tampa home.[youtube_sc url=””]

No arrest has been made and no witnesses have stepped forward, police said, but detectives are hoping Dixon’s musical ties will help generate tips about the case.

A.J. Crawford, a tribute artist and longtime friend of Dixon, has written and produced a music video that pays homage to Dixon. Crawford, who goes by the stage name “Young A.J.,” wrote “Dear Lee” as a way of coping with Dixon’s death and to speak out against violence.

On Friday, police said the locally produced song could “urge the public to come forward with information on the teen singer’s death.” Detectives “are confident that there are individuals in the community who have crucial information that can lead to an arrest and help give some closure to Dixon Jr.’s family and friends.”

Dixon’s mother, Angela Pearson, talked to the media Friday, saying she wants closure. She said she hopes that people who were witnesses will be able to identify her son’s killer.