Video: Teens Attempt iPhone 6 Bend Test In Store

iPhone 6

Two teenagers took the bend test to the next level. The teens went into a local Apple store and attempted to bend the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In the beginning of the video, one of the the teens explains they just left the store and had to do so quickly because a screen popped out. They had to pop it back in without being noticed or they “would have had to pay for it.”

Warning: Language in video is NSFW

Toward the end of the video the pair asks an employee if the iPhone 6 can bend but he denied it saying it was an “online rumor.”

The point of the video was to show the iPhone 6 can bend, but in all honesty, it’s already been proven by a user called Unbox Therapy in a much more professional manner.

“The reason why we were laughing was because it was really funny,” one of the teenagers said. “We were in the Apple store bending and breaking their iPhone, which I guess is criminal damage but I don’t even care, to be honest.”

“It’s Apple’s fault – they are false advertising, saying it’s the best iPhone but clearly it’s not if it can bend in your hands or your pocket. It’s just ridiculous.”

“If this gets really good feedback, we’re happy go back and do it again. Apple: you need to fix this, it’s just [explicit] stupid.”