Video of Florida Teen’s Punishment Goes Viral

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (AP) _ The parents of a teen who was disciplined by holding a sign at a Panhandle intersection say critics should “walk a mile in someone’s shoes” before judging them.

Passing motorists snapped pictures and took video of 13-year-old girl on Saturday.

One motorist called police who left after confirming that the girl was aware of her punishment and wasn’t in any harm.

Her father, Gentry Nickell, was standing nearby.

The Northwest Florida Daily News ( ) reports her parents say they were shocked to learn the video went viral.

The sign described the girl as a “self-entitled teenager” with “no respect for authority” who makes Ds in school.

The newspaper reports the girl told her mother she wasn’t scarred by the punishment.

They say her behavior has improved since the punishment.