Video: Man Faces Scary Road Block Situation

If you hate driving in the dark or think that it can be scary, you may not want to watch.

As the video shows, Ivan Tukhtin was driving on the New Jersey turnpike when out of the darkness, a road block consisting of two cones comes out of nowhere. The date on the dash cam video says 12:18 a.m. on Nov. 2.

He came upon a man walking just close enough to the car to hide his upper body so that you could not see him clearly. Tukhitin was able to call the man over just long enough to escape the odd scene.

He later posted on a message board with some updates to the occurrence.

today i found out that the two men were arrested. one was wanted, the other intoxicated.

for all of you saying you wouldn’t stop, i’m not causing damage to my car when i do not have to. also, i tried to go around but you see him walking into my right of way,

how am i supposed to know he won’t jump in front. so i called him over to the side and then left.

anyways, just be cautious out there everyone, so many sick ****s these days

If you would like more information about this story, Tukhitin was interviewed by WABC in New York.